What is a micropenis and what do we know about it?

Micropenis is a penis, which length is extremely small. What can be the reason for it? First of all, it’s more about hormonal or genetic issues which can occur. It’s usually noticeable in early childhood and can be treated by male enhancement supplements. Let’s talk more about this issue.


Micropenis is 2,5 standard deviations less than an average one. Of course, doctors pay attention to the age of a person and sexual development. What length the average penis is? Research shows it’s about 13.3 cm. But micropenis is only about 9.4 cm. By the way, a man with a micropenis can have absolutely normal development of genitalia and other organs. But is it a really rare deviation for penis enlargement? Scientists say there are about 1.5 in 10 000 newborns who have this condition. What can be the reason for it? Well, there are several:

  1. environmental conditions;
  2. hormonal issues;
  3. exposure of pesticides or any chemicals during pregnancy;
  4. testosterone deficiencies.

There are two reasons which can lead to a lack of testosterone. The first one if a mother doesn’t have enough human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone while being pregnant. And the second one is when the fetus doesn’t produce enough testosterone. Even though the level of testosterone is fine, there’s can be an androgen insensitivity, which also influences the body to respond correctly to the hormone.

When a child is about from 0 to 3 months, he has testosterone surge. This is a very important period. If there’re some problems a child can have a smaller penis. Well, sometimes there’s no particular reason to have a micropenis, but the boy still has it.

How to diagnose it?

Usually, it’s noticeable and a doctor can easily diagnose it by different tests before doing some male enhancement. For example, measuring. After it’s necessary to pass the blood test, which can show the level of hormones. Moreover, it might be necessary to make genetic tests to figure out the sex of a child.

But is it treated? Yes, sure! There are several ways of penis enhancement which can help people to develop correctly and feel confident. There are several types of male enhancement pills,which might help. Or, for example, it’s possible to use special testosterone cream or get injections, which increase penis size. But it’s important to remember that this treatment is much more effective before puberty.